The Powdercoating Process

Step One: Arrival and Unload

On arrival at our site, our staff will unload your product, either by hand or with one of our forklifts, depending on the size and weight of your products. While your items are being unloaded, our office staff will write up a work ourder detailing the item, the color you have chosen, and any detailed instructions we need to know to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction.

Step Two: Sandblasting and Preparation

If, by your own request or by our professional advice, you decide to have your items sandblasted, your items will be put in line to go through either our large sandblasting bay or our small sandblasting booth, depending on the item's size. We will mask any part of your items that you do not want powder coated.

Step Three: Power Washing

Before applying powder to the items, we first use a power wash to clean and treat your bare metal. We make sure that the metal is completely dry before moving to the next step, to preserve the integrity of the coat to be applied.

Step Four: Powder Application

Next, your items are sprayed with an electrostatically charged powder that adheres to the grounded parts. All of the powders that PowderKeg offers have specific applications.

Step Five: Oven Curing

After the parts have been powdered, they are then placed into the batch oven. At this time, the heat (up to 375°F) fuses the powder to the surface, creating a high quality finish.

Step Six: Cool Down

It takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour for the items to become cool to the touch. At that point, the coating is as hard and durable as it is going to get.

Step Seven: Completion and Delivery

One the powder coating has been completed, any masking is carefully removed, and your item will be ready for pick up, or delivery at a previously agreed on cost.

Go Green With Powdercoating

In 1970 the US Clean Air Act was signed into law, since that time powder coating has become more popular than ever as there are no issues with hazardous air pollutants of any kind. A recent Powder Coating Institute survey indicates that powder coating is now the fastest growing finishing service in the United States.

With powder coating no solvents are used and it eliminates Volitile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which results in cleaner air for us all.

The powder coating process, in particular electrostatic powder spray processes, are now accepted universally and specified as the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) to reduce air pollution.

During the life-time of the paint on your walls, it will also continue to release chemicals into the environment as invisible paint pollution. When VOC’s react with oxygen, they can form ‘bad’ ozone in the presence of sunlight. This is a contributory factor to the greenhouse effect and a cause of global warming. Studies have found paints and varnishes to be the cause of as much as five percent of all VOC emissions.

Paints tend to have very environmentally-friendly names such as ‘Forest Green’, ‘Sunflower Yellow’, or ‘Sky Blue’ to lull you into a false sense of eco-purity, but don't let it – standard household paints can be a smooth blend of highly toxic chemicals.

Paints generally include pigment (the color), carried by a resin and/or binder, a solvent to help the paint application, and a dryer. In acrylic and vinyl paints they will also include plastics compounds.-- some will include formaldehyde, arsenic, thinners, and foamers.

Paint pollution isn't limited to house paint, paint used to deter limpets, mussels, and other sea organisms from sticking to the bottom of boats has been labelled as the most toxic substance ever to be unleashed on the marine environment.

History has shown that powder coating is the best way to not only give your trailers and other items a fresh look that will last a very long time but also to help the environment as an individual consumer.

If you have any further questions about the eco-friendliness of powder coating feel free to ask! We are happy to talk about the green benefits (and all the other benefits!) of powder coating.

  • No Solvents
  • No Isocyanates
  • No Carcinogens
  • Non Toxic
  • No VOC's
  • Minimal Waste