Alloy 304, Stainless Steel Sheet Plate, 2B Mill Finish

Dec 7, 2018
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Welcome to Powder Keg Coating, your go-to source for premium quality alloy 304 stainless steel sheet plates with a 2B mill finish. We offer a wide range of sheet plates in various sizes and specifications to cater to your specific needs. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we aim to provide you with top-notch products that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Overview of Alloy 304 Stainless Steel

Alloy 304 stainless steel, also known as 18-8 stainless steel, is a versatile and widely used material. It is composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, which gives it excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Alloy 304 is often used in industrial, architectural, and commercial applications due to its exceptional properties and versatility.

Features and Benefits

Alloy 304 stainless steel sheet plates with a 2B mill finish provide numerous advantages:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Alloy 304 is highly resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for use in various environments, including acidic and alkaline conditions.
  • Durability: The composition of alloy 304 ensures excellent strength and durability, allowing it to withstand heavy loads and high-temperature conditions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The 2B mill finish lends a smooth, reflective surface to the stainless steel, enhancing its visual appeal and making it ideal for decorative applications.
  • Easy Maintenance: Alloy 304 requires minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned, making it a cost-effective and time-efficient choice.


Alloy 304 stainless steel sheet plates with a 2B mill finish find extensive use across various industries and sectors, including:

  • Construction: Alloy 304 is commonly used in the construction industry for roofing, cladding, and structural applications.
  • Food and Beverage: Its hygienic properties make alloy 304 suitable for use in the food and beverage processing industry, such as kitchen equipment and storage tanks.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Alloy 304 is favored in the pharmaceutical industry for its corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning, ensuring product purity and safety.
  • Chemical Processing: It is extensively used in chemical processing plants for its resistance to various chemicals and solvents.
  • Automotive: Alloy 304 finds application in automotive components, such as exhaust systems and decorative trim.

Quality Assurance

At Powder Keg Coating, we prioritize quality and adhere to stringent quality control processes to ensure that our alloy 304 stainless steel sheet plates meet the highest standards. We source our materials from reliable suppliers and subject them to comprehensive testing and inspection to confirm their quality and integrity. Our team of experts is committed to delivering products that excel in performance and reliability.

Why Choose Powder Keg Coating?

When it comes to stainless steel sheet plates, Powder Keg Coating stands out as the preferred choice for numerous reasons:

  • Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, we possess the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best solutions for your stainless steel requirements.
  • Customization: We understand that each project is unique, which is why we offer customization options to ensure that our stainless steel sheet plates fit your specific needs.
  • Timely Delivery: We value your time, which is why we strive to deliver your orders promptly, ensuring that your projects stay on track.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with outstanding customer service, assisting you at every step of the process.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our products, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

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