Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate Pvc Both Sides .250 X 1' X 1'

May 16, 2020
Sheet Metal


Powder Keg provides top-notch Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate with PVC applied on both sides. These plates are of high quality and precision, perfect for various industrial applications. With a size of .250 X 1' X 1', these plates offer exceptional durability and strength.

Why Choose Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate?

Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate is a versatile material that offers outstanding performance in various industries. Its exceptional flatness, strength, and resistance to corrosion make it an ideal choice for tooling and machining applications. This plate has excellent dimensional stability, ensuring precise and accurate results.

PVC on Both Sides

At Powder Keg, we apply PVC on both sides of our Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate to enhance its durability and protect its surface during handling and storage. The PVC coating acts as a barrier against scratches and damage, ensuring that the plate remains in pristine condition. This added layer allows for easy removal of the PVC film once it's no longer needed.


Our Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate with PVC applied on both sides has a wide range of applications. Here are some common uses:

1. Industrial Tooling and Fixtures

With its exceptional flatness and stability, our tooling plate is commonly used for manufacturing high-precision tooling and fixtures. It provides a reliable and durable surface for machining operations, ensuring accurate and repeatable results.

2. Jigs and Templates

Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate is an excellent choice for creating jigs and templates. Its high strength and durability enable it to withstand repetitive and heavy-duty use, improving efficiency and accuracy in various production processes.

3. Mold Making

The dimensional stability of our tooling plate makes it ideal for mold making applications. Its flat surface and resistance to thermal expansion ensure precise mold fabrication, resulting in high-quality finished products.

Benefits of our Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate

When you choose Powder Keg's Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate with PVC applied on both sides, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

1. Durability

Our tooling plate is designed to withstand heavy usage and provide long-lasting performance. The PVC coating on both sides adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the plate stays in excellent condition throughout its lifespan.

2. Precision

Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate is known for its exceptional dimensional stability, guaranteeing accurate and precise results. Whether you're machining, tooling, or creating molds, our plate will meet your stringent requirements.

3. Corrosion Resistance

With its corrosion-resistant properties, our tooling plate can withstand harsh environments and exposure to chemicals. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications that require resistance to corrosion and degradation.

4. Machinability

Our Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate offers excellent machinability, allowing for easy cutting, drilling, and milling operations. Its stability and flatness ensure precise machining without compromising the integrity of the plate.

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