Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet 16Ga X 2' X 6'

Dec 27, 2018
Sheet Metal

About Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet

At Powder Keg, we take pride in offering you the highest quality steel products, including our Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet. This durable and versatile steel sheet is perfect for various applications, thanks to its exceptional strength and reliability.

Benefits of Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet

Our Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet offers numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice for your projects. Let's explore some of the key benefits:

1. Superior Strength

Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet is known for its exceptional strength, making it ideal for demanding applications. Its high tensile strength ensures that your projects can withstand heavy loads and resist deformation.

2. Excellent Formability

One of the standout qualities of Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet is its remarkable formability. This steel sheet can be easily bent, shaped, and formed into various designs without sacrificing its structural integrity. You can rely on its flexibility to achieve the desired shapes for your projects.

3. Corrosion Resistance

With our Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet, you don't have to worry about corrosion. Its protective coating provides effective resistance against corrosion, ensuring durability and longevity. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, even in challenging environments.

4. Versatility

Whether you're working on industrial, commercial, or residential projects, our Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet is a versatile choice. It can be used in construction, automotive, manufacturing, and various other sectors. Its adaptability makes it a go-to option for a wide range of applications.

Applications of Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet

The Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet has found widespread use in different industries due to its exceptional properties. Some common applications include:

  • Automotive body panels and structures
  • Construction materials
  • Industrial equipment
  • Fabrication projects
  • Appliance components

Specifications and Dimensions

Our Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet is available in the following specifications:

  • Gauge: 16 (1.29 mm)
  • Width: 2 feet (0.6 meters)
  • Length: 6 feet (1.8 meters)

With these dimensions, our steel sheet provides ample space for your specific requirements, allowing you to cut and shape it according to the needs of your project.

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If you're in need of top-quality Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet, look no further than Powder Keg. With our vast experience in providing high-end steel products, we are committed to meeting your exact needs and ensuring your satisfaction.

For more information about our Cold Roll 1008 Steel Sheet or to place an order, please contact our knowledgeable team today. We are ready to assist you in choosing the right steel sheet for your project and providing any guidance you may require.