E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing 1 3/4 X .083 X 72

Oct 17, 2021


Welcome to Powder Keg, your trusted provider of high-quality steel products. In this page, we are proud to present our E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing that measures 1 3/4 inches in diameter, .083 inches in wall thickness, and 72 inches in length. Our steel tubing is manufactured using Electric Resistance Welding (E.R.W.) technique and is suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.

About E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing

E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing is a versatile and durable material that finds extensive use in commercial, industrial, and consumer applications. The term E.R.W. refers to the manufacturing process where electric current is passed through the edges of the steel strip to create a weld. This ensures a strong joint that contributes to the overall strength and stability of the tubing.

Our E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing measuring 1 3/4 inches in diameter offers a suitable size for many applications. The .083-inch wall thickness balances strength and weight, making it ideal for applications that require structural integrity while considering weight constraints. The 72-inch length allows for flexibility in usage, offering versatility to cater to different project needs.


The E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing we provide at Powder Keg finds an array of applications across multiple industries. Here are some examples:

1. Construction

In the construction industry, our E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing is widely used for structural supports, such as in the framework of buildings, bridges, and infrastructure. The high-strength and durability of our steel tubing ensure the longevity and safety of these structures.

2. Automotive

Within the automotive sector, our steel tubing is commonly used for manufacturing roll cages, chassis, and exhaust systems. The excellent weldability and strength properties of our E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing make it ideal for these critical applications.

3. Furniture

Our steel tubing is also popular in the furniture industry, particularly for crafting sturdy and reliable chair frames, table bases, and shelving units. The clean and consistent appearance of the tubing adds to the aesthetic appeal of the furniture.

4. Manufacturing

Manufacturing processes often rely on E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing to create robust and reliable equipment, machinery, and conveyor systems. The versatility and strength of our steel tubing play a crucial role in meeting the demanding requirements of the manufacturing sector.

5. Agriculture

For agricultural applications, our steel tubing is commonly used in the construction of farm equipment, including gates, fences, and livestock handling systems. The corrosion resistance properties of our tubing ensure its durability in various environmental conditions.

Why Choose Powder Keg for E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing?

When it comes to superior quality steel products, Powder Keg is your go-to provider. Here's why you should choose us:

1. Exceptional Quality

At Powder Keg, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our products. Our E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing is manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring its strength, durability, and dimensional accuracy.

2. Extensive Experience

With years of experience in the steel industry, our team at Powder Keg possesses the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional products and impeccable customer service. We understand the diverse needs of our clients and strive to exceed their expectations.

3. Extensive Inventory

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing to meet various customer demands. Our extensive selection allows you to find the perfect size, wall thickness, and length for your specific application.

4. Customization Options

At Powder Keg, we understand that every project is unique, and one size may not fit all. Therefore, we offer customization options for our steel tubing, allowing you to tailor it to your exact specifications.

5. Competitive Pricing

We believe in providing affordability without compromising on quality. Our competitive pricing ensures that you receive excellent value for your investment in our E.R.W. Steel Round Tubing.

6. Exceptional Customer Support

At Powder Keg, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our dedicated support team is always here to address your inquiries, offer guidance, and provide timely assistance throughout the purchasing process.

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