Hot Roll A36 Steel Sheet 1/4 X 2' X 2' at Powder Keg

Nov 5, 2020
Sheet Metal


Welcome to Powder Keg, your one-stop shop for all your steel sheet needs. In this page, we are excited to present you with our premium hot roll A36 steel sheet, measuring 1/4 inch thick, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet long. We take pride in offering high-quality steel products to cater to your business and consumer service requirements. Keep reading to learn more about this versatile steel sheet and its various applications.

About Hot Roll A36 Steel Sheet

Our hot roll A36 steel sheet is manufactured using the finest materials and advanced production techniques. With a thickness of 1/4 inch and dimensions of 2' x 2', this steel sheet exhibits remarkable strength and durability. The hot rolling process results in a sheet with improved surface finish, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Key Features and Properties

Our A36 steel sheet offers numerous features and properties that make it a top choice:

  • Durability: The 1/4 inch thickness provides excellent resistance to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Strength: A36 steel possesses high tensile strength, making it suitable for demanding structural applications.
  • Flexibility: Despite its strength, our steel sheet is conveniently easy to shape, allowing for versatile use in various projects.
  • Malleability: The malleability of A36 steel allows it to be forged and welded with ease, offering flexibility during fabrication.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The steel sheet undergoes a process that enhances its resistance to corrosion, ensuring longevity even in harsh environments.


The hot roll A36 steel sheet is widely sought after for its unrivaled strength and versatility. Here are some common applications:

  • Construction: From supporting heavy loads to forming structural components, this steel sheet is ideal for construction projects of all sizes.
  • Fabrication: Its malleability and easy weldability make our A36 steel sheet a top choice for fabricating parts and components.
  • Machine Shop: The hot roll A36 steel sheet is frequently used in machine shops for various manufacturing purposes, including forming, cutting, and shaping.
  • Automotive: Whether it's for body panels, frames, or chassis components, our steel sheet provides the necessary strength and reliability for automotive applications.

Ordering and Delivery

At Powder Keg, we aim to provide a seamless ordering experience and prompt delivery to meet your steel sheet requirements. To purchase our hot roll A36 steel sheet measuring 1/4 inch thick, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet long, simply visit our website and place your order. We offer competitive pricing and efficient shipping options to ensure your satisfaction.


In conclusion, Powder Keg is your trusted source for superior hot roll A36 steel sheets. With our high-quality products and exceptional customer service, we strive to exceed your expectations. From construction to fabrication, our 1/4 inch thick, 2' x 2' steel sheet offers outstanding strength, durability, and flexibility for various applications. Place your order today and experience the excellence of Powder Keg!